What Are Your Hours?

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm or by appointment


What Credit Cards Do You Accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card. 


Do You Run A Background Check? 

All persons purchasing or having a firearm transfered must complete ATF's 4473 form.  A NICS check is not required is you have a valid North Carolina Handgun Purchase Permit or Concealed Carry Permit.

The Address On My Concealed Handgun Permit Is Not Correct.  Can I Still Use It To Purchase A Firearm?

Any individual who has been issued a valid Concealed Permit must notify the issuing sheriff of any permanent change of address within thirty (30) days.  In order to change your address you must take your updated driver's license to the Sheriff's Office and fill out the appropriate paperwork. To remain in compliance with N.C. General Statute 14-415.11(D) 

When My Firearm Transfer Arrives What Happens Next?

Time is needed for internal paperwork.  In most cases your firearm transfer will be ready for pick-up the same day it arrives.  When your firearm is ready you will be contacted by phone.  If you have questions about your transfer please call.

Please note that if your transfer did not come with a shipping invoice that matches your ID you will be required to provide a sales receipt that matches your ID.  ATF regulations are such that firearms can only be transfered to person who actually paid for the gun.  Thus your sales reciept must show that you and not some else actually paid for the firearm.

Do You Charge A Storage Fee On Firearm Transfers?

We have the lowest storage fee around at $1.00 per day for each item left over 10 days after notification by phone or email.  When fees exceed the items value it will become the legal property of Northlake Firearms.  Items stored beyond 120 days without proper communication will be designated abandoned and become legal property of Northlake Firearms without compensation to transferee.


Do You Price Match? 

Unfortunately we can not.  Like anything, look for the best price.  If you choose to buy online we will be glad to handle your firearm transfer for you.


Do You Offer Layaways?

Not at this time.