Transfer Request

Northlake Firearms wants to make your firearm transfer a smooth process.  We arrange pick up appointments that work best for you and have one of the lowest transfer fees in the area at $20.00 (Cash) per item (No Tax). Visa & Master Card excepted for all other purchases.  At the conclusion of the transfer you will receive a 9x12 packet labeled with the Make, Model, Serial Number and Caliber with your paperwork for easy filing.

Required fields have a red asterisk icon.  Place (NA) in the fields you are unsure of.  When submitted correctly (Request Received) should pop-up.

Northlake Firearms has chosen not to except firearm shipments directly from privite individuals.  The shipper must hold a valid Federal Firearms License.  Many dealers have gone in this direction to better protect you and the business.  If you have any questions please call before placing an order.

Northlake Firearms will be closed July 3rd through July 8th 2019 for Vacation.  The shop will reopen on July 9th.  I believe these dates will cause little disruption with firearm transfers.  Please call or email if you have questions about these dates